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Serena Schreuder | Haarlem 1983
Graduated at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. 
Lives and works in Haarlem, The Netherlands.


The work of Serena Schreuder often reflects a love game; on the one hand, the transience of life, on the other hand the infinity of existence. In her work this is sometimes expressed through clear images, but usually through symbolism. 

The work is compiled of many deeper layers, sacred messages and always with a certain mystical impenetrability. Executed in a very detailed and complex composition that radiates simplicity and tranquility.

In her energetic artworks, wood replaced canvas, Serena often combines various techniques, such as; burning, printing, painting, cutting and gilding. With this approach, she mingles traditional craftsmanship with her personal interpretation. 

Themes such as sacred geometry, elements, love, energy and the intelligence of nature,  but also connection, inner peace and awareness, function as point of departure. 

Serena’s Wood Art is a 100% hand made, authentic interior amulet. 


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